by Nereo Zane


The following photos were taken by Nereo Zane, friend of the Gondola Society of America, author and host of and supporter of the Gruppo Sportivo Voga Veneta in Mestre (GSVVM).  Many of these photos were taken from aboard the 14 man “Mestrina??the pride of the GSVVM (see last photo).


Gondolone under Tre Archi

The rowing monks of Parrochhia del Redentor (on Giudecca).?A truly amazing sight. Behind the monks is the unique peata of Voga Veneta del Brenta; still existing and floating; it's the biggest boat that can be rowed. In the past it was used for transportation of heavy goods. Today the same service is done by mototopi.

A black caorlina on the lagoon.

A dodesona from the Bucintoro rowing club

Another caorlina - crew unknown


Yellow caorlina owned by municipality of Venice and used mainly for regate - crew unknown.

Pink caorlina - owned by municipality of Venice and used

mainly for regate - crew unknown, and sandolo four oars (on the left)

The quatordesona “Mestrina?- owned by GSVVM

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