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"Gondola di Venezia" New to the Cambridge/Boston area of Massachusetts.

 It has been said that the gondola is the most recognized boat in the world. Unquestionably it is the first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Venice. There are even folks who identify it as "the number one symbol of romance in the western world". With these in mind is it any wonder that so many people outside Venice have built or imported gondolas of their own?

There are lots of great gondola operations outside Venice, some in surprising locations, and while each is a little different from the next, one thing can be sure: whether he's on the grand canal of Venice, Italy, the waters of a Southern California harbor, or a river in Australia, the gondolier takes pride in his boat and puts his heart and soul into every part of his operation.

The Gondola Society of America, founded in 1983 is an organization dedicated to the advancement and promotion of gondolas and gondoliering both on the North American continent and beyond.

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The gondolas of Gondola Servizio frequently grace the waters of Lake Merritt in Oakland, California


We are a widely diverse group of gondola enthusiasts; ranging from the staunchly traditional to the surprisingly experimental. One of our core beliefs is that a good gondolier must have one thing - a love for the gondola and all that it represents.

The Gondola Network is a new addition and we at the Gondola Society of America are very excited to see it launch and develop into a full website. With the launching of the Gondola Network we are considering new applicants for membership.

If you or someone you know loves gondolas and would be interested, please let us know. 


Greg Mohr

Greg Mohr

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Photo by Richard Benjamin
A beautiful gondola, from La Gondola, glides on waters of Providence, Rhode 

If you know of other gondola operations please e-mail or call us at:
(888) 4-GONDOLA